Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Blanket for Maggie

I had/have a lot of pregnant friends.  It's just the plain and simple truth.  In the past few months alone, I have four friends that have had six babies...that is a lot of baby gifts to buy!  So I got it in my head that I am going to start making stuff.  Handmade gifts are so sweet and personal (even though I do know people who turn their noses up at things that aren't store bought!  Seriously!), and they just seem so much better....that's just my opinion.

Maggie, despite the fact that I haven't met her yet, is my best guy friends little girl... and I love her so so so so sooooooo much.  I had been thinking a while on making her a little carseat blanket or something to keep her warm on the cold days in the car, but daddy and I decided that just a regular play blanket might be much more useful.  So knowing this guy as well as I do, I went on an etsy search for some cotton flannel printed with robots...and then picked up some lime green "minky" at Joann's. 

Here is the fabric, pre-washed, shrunk, and ironed.  Isn't the robot print cute?!  I bought two yards, so I have enough of that leftover for another project.  I have about 1/4 of the yard of minky left. 

And I got to use the walking foot for my sewing machine!  I paid almost $60 for it when I bought it (10 or so years ago), and had only gotten to use it once before today!  Yay!

Pretty easy....put the fabric right sides together and pin.  Seam all the way around the edges and leave a 6" gap in the middle of one side to be able to turn the blanket right side out.  Clip your corners! At this point...I am going to say how much I -hate- this minky fabric.  It fuzzes and stretches and just ugh.  I won't use it's super soft....but no.  Just a personal preference. :)

So once the edges are seamed, turn the whole blanket right side out and press.  Make sure to poke the corners out so they are nice and pointy.  Since the minky is so slippery and stretchy, I made sure to iron and then I also pinned the edges to make sure that they did not slip any further.  then I just ran the whole thing back through the machine with the walking foot to top stitch and close up the turning gap. 

And there you have it!  A simple, rather inexpensive, personal, hand made baby gift for a very special baby!  I'm sure you could also add a layer of batting and do some quilting too if you wanted to! 

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