Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grocery Binder

It's not the most 'green' of postings, but saving money is another kind of green, isn't it? Yep, just a different kind of green.

I was perusing Pinterest the other night and was noticing a great deal of posts about home management binders as well as meal planning and grocery binders.  I did a little googling and came across a great deal of websites and blogs that talked about these things.  Most of the women have kids and such, so there were pages for schedules and chores, but since I don't, I wasn't planning on putting those in.

I've started two binders.  One is my "Home Management" binder, which I put pocket tabs in and labeled as electronics, appliances, warranties, etc.  I put all of the paperwork for each in the pocket tabs for easy reference.  And being the silly goose I am, I didn't take a picture!  It's not very exciting, after all.  Just manuals and warranties for all of our appliances and furniture for easy reference!

The second binder, however, I did photograph.  It's not totally together yet because I haven't found printable pages the right size for it, nor have I taken the time to make my own....

Sorry about the glare....I could only get the photo to come out if I had the overhead light on, and we see what that does to plastic.  I found the mini binder and all of the accessories at Staples the other night, and thought that they would make the perfect meal planner/coupon holder/grocery binder.  Small and portable.  Not to mention cute.  Perfect.

I got the binder, two velcro closure gusseted pockets, write on tab dividers, plastic pockets, loose leaf paper, and photo pages.  Oh...and those pens are Pilot Bottle 2 Pen...and are the best pens ever.  Made from recycled water bottles....and they write so so so smooth!

I still haven't figured out how I want to organize this thing exactly, but I am working on it.  More photos to come as the project evolves!

Updated to add:

I put it all together today!  I sat down and planned dinners for us for the next week and while I was doing that, the plan came together in my head....mostly.

This is the front of the binder.  In the front pocket, I decided to keep miscellaneous coupons- the one in there is $15.00 a Southwest flight that hubs got for being a Rapid Rewards member.  The blue pocket has a velcro closure and in that I have the coupons I am going to use for shopping this week and a pen for marking things off of my list or making changes or whatever the case may be. 

These are my tabs.  I have Meal Plans, Shopping lists, Coupons, and Price Lists so far.  I do have another tab for something else, but I have no idea what to use it for yet!  I am sure, however, that I will come up with something.  Since we're just a little family of two adults and three will probably have something to do with pet store stuff or *gasp* the craft store.  :)

Lastly, these are the plastic pockets I have put in the coupon section to somewhat organize them.  Craft sores, dry goods, frozen goods, personal care items, and household needs items.  Again, I have a leftover pocket that I will certainly employ at a later date.

In the back of the binder I also have a bunch of 4x6 sleeves that are meant for photos that I can certainly put special coupons or recipe cards in later if need be!

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