Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lets begin at the beginning

And so I start in the world of blogging.  I know that I will probably never have followers or minions or whatever it is that they call blog-stalkers, but I really am writing more for me and for posterity than anything else.  Mostly to document my slow progress into more Simple and Green living. 

Some people think that "Going Green" just means throwing your soda can or empty water bottle into a recycling bin, or driving an 'eco' friendly car, carpooling, or switching to "green" cleaning products.  Sure, that's all a part of it, of course, but to me there just seems to be so much more to it than that.

So what am I doing that's so much better?  Probably nothing, but I am doing what is good for me and my little (husband and three kitties) family.  Things to make us healthier, happier and greener.  Here's what I have started:

1.)  Reduce:  How does one do that?  I have been very careful when I am at the grocery or any other store to choose products with either the least amount of packaging, re-useable packaging, or recyclable packaging.   I've noticed that I've gone down to one garbage bag a week by doing this.

2.)  Reuse:  I've been trying really hard to find new uses for old things like pill bottles, empty sprayers, the empty kitty litter buckets, etc.  I'd rather not throw all of that plastic into a landfill if I don't have to.  

3.) Recycle: I have the basic recycle bins set up next to the kitchen garbage can now: paper, plastic, glass, and cans.  There is a local recycling place on Main Street, but I haven't been yet.  When the bins are full, however, off I go!

So cheesy, right?  I don't think so.  

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