Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Ant Solution

I admit it. We have ants in our house. It's only in the spring and fall, it seems, but these tiny little grease ants invade and seem to be everywhere. Its gross, not to mention unsanitary.

For the record, you can tell the difference between grease ants and sugar ants pretty easily. Grease ants tend to go straight for any fatty/greasy thing that may be laying out. Sugar ants only go for sweet your sugar bowl. I found these ants swarming the cat dishes and a greasy plate in the sink, therefore, grease ants.
I did a little research on the best way to get rid of them without using chemicals. I was also concerned about making my cats ill, so I figured I would have to be careful. According to my Green Housekeeping book, borax seemed like the best and least toxic solution.  And its cheap. $4.99 for the 4 lb, 13 oz box at Kroger. I've been using this box for nearly a year now and its not even halfway empty.

I started out by dumping the cat dishes and soaking them in hot, sudsy Blue Dawn water.  I vaccumed the area and sucked up any remaining offensive ants. Then I sprayed the trails and surrounding areas with plain white vinegar. Ants detest the smell and taste of vinegar, so it makes it impossible for them to follow their own scent trails again. And the final step....

I followed the trail to where the ants had been coming in, and poured a handful of borax into it. Borax is very toxic to the ants, but not to the mammals that reside in my house. It destroys an ants digestive system and exoskeleton after the ant carries the borax back to the nest. I know it seems cruel, but to me, its better than poison in my house and unsanitary conditions in my kitchen due to the ant invasion.
I woke up this ants. Seems to have worked.!

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