Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update to the Menu/Grocery/Coupon binder

My husband makes fun of me for trying to keep up with this binder.  And I will freely admit that it is difficult, especially with him traveling for work often and being the 'fly by the seat of his pants' kind of guy.  He likes to eat out, and really, so do I, but I am really trying to save us some more environmentally friendly (eating out is horrible for that)....and be healthier.

I took my little binder to work this week to share with one of my girlfriends there because she is interested in doing the same thing.  She fell head over heels in love with it, and ended up giving me a good idea to add to the madness.  I had bought these 4x6 photo sleeves for the binder, but once I started putting it together, I could not figure out what to do with them so I just stuck them in the back to save for later. 

So what am I using them for?  Recipes!  When I plan my menu for the week, I tend to surf Pinterest to find new and different things and healthy recipes.  I write out the meal plan on a notebook sheet (because I haven't found nice, neat printables to use and I have been too lazy to make my own), then write out the recipe on a 4x6 card and stick each one in a sleeve behind the menu.  That way I have the menu, the recipe and then the grocery list all together for easy access and so I can make sure that I did not forget anything at the grocery store!

I found these awesome and free printable recipe cards last night to start using.  I just printed out a handful of them and cut them all out with my paper cutter so I have a stack ready for when I need them.  It's working well so far!

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