Saturday, April 7, 2012


My hubs likes soda.  A lot.  On average, we go through 7-8 2 liter bottles of soda a week, which is costly and wasteful.  Yes, I recycle the bottles, but that is still a ton of plastic per week!  So last weekend he attempted to make his own ginger ale in a re-used bottle.  It tasted good, but the yeast carbonation was a total fail.  He went to Best Buy the next day and purchased a SodaStream soda machine. 

So here it is.  We've had it for a few days and have been making sodas with the samples that came with it.  I think we have decided to make our own syrups and cut out the fake stuff.  The syrups are made with Splenda, but I can taste the difference from something made with natural cane sugar. 

I stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this morning and got two extra bottles for making sodas, and the Raspberry MyWater Essence Flavors so that I could try some "seltzer" style water. 

So it's pretty easy to make the soda.  Fill the bottles to the water line and chill for an hour or two.  Apparently the machine works better if the water is chilled.  I use water that I have filtered through my Brita pitcher, just to get some of the chemicals and guck out of our gross tasting city water.  Put the bottle into the SodaStream and make sure it is screwed on securely.  Then you push the button on the top of the machine until it makes a buzzing sound.  Do that 3-4 times and the water is carbonated. 

Then you have to put the syrup in.  If you're using the SodaStream brand syrups, then just follow the directions as to how much you put it.  A little tip....tilt the bottle to the side and pour the syrup in slowly.  I used the MyWater Essence, which only requires a half teaspoon of the syrup.  I poured it in slowly, and then screwed the cap on tightly before gently tilting the bottle back and forth to mix the flavor in.  Tasty!  and environmentally friendly!

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