Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Update

Got the tomatoes planted.  In right right planter is an early girl.  In the tomato tree I have a sugar sweet cherry and a roma.  In the planter below....not sure.  It was a volunteer tomato and we decided to let it ride and see what it turns out to be.  On the top of the tomato tree is a pepper....which just doesn't have a planter yet. 

Lets see...the container to the left of the tree is also a pepper.  I believe its a green bell.

Here's the Pea TeePee.  I'm really pleased with how they are growing.  One of the plants is up to the third ladder already, the other two are on the second.  They get noticeably taller every day!  I also chucked another couple of seeds in the planter because I only had three plants for a four sided planter, and it is a couple inches tall, but not tall enough to reach the first ladder yet.  Probably in a few days!

Over on the other side, next to the oh so lovely AC unit, is the zucchini.  Last year I had no manner of luck with the zucchini.  It grew and grew, but as soon as it flowered and a fruit started, it would blossom end rot.  The thing in the black planter is the cucumber.  Our cucumber plant did really well last year and we got some great vegetables from it, so I hope it does as well this year.  
And here is just an update shot of the bush beans.  They don't look like much, but they have a ton of little beans on them1

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